The Kids Are Alright

March 4th, 2011

The Get Up Kids – Music Hall of Williamsburg – March 3, 2011

Get Up Kids - Music Hall of Williamsburg - March 3, 2011
Last night at Music Hall of Williamsburg, the seminal emo band the Get Up Kids played a stellar set, which included much of its memorable older material while still tirelessly working its way through the newer stuff. The Missouri-bred quintet opened with “Tithe,” off its most recent album, There Are Rules, before diving into two older songs, “I’m a Loner Dottie, a Rebel” and “Coming Clean.” Another new song, “Automatic” (with guitarist Jim Suptic doing vocals for the first time of the night), followed and then it was more older stuff, including “Action & Action,” “Red Letter Day” and “Woodson.”

The Get Up Kids next played another new song and then a few older ones. And so continued the set. After another run of older material animated the up-front fans, singer-guitarist Matt Pryor asked those in the zealous pit crowd to take care of one another. “These are love songs, people. This is what kids in the hardcore scene used to call ‘pussy shit.’ Let’s pretend we’re listening to pussy shit,” he jokingly said before diving into “No Love” and “10 Minutes” to end the set. The Get Up Kids have been touring since 2009 as a reformed band. And while New York City has been no stranger to its sets these past few years, last night’s show was monumental in the fact that it brought back this group as a proper touring-type band and, more fully than ever before, showcased the new material. —Kirsten Housel

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