A Scala & Kolacny Brothers Widget

March 28th, 2011

Two brothers, Steven (piano) and Stijn Kolacny (conductor), have led Scala, a Belgian girls choir, since 1996, when it was comprised of just 18 singers. Over the years, the style of music has changed—from classical to choral interpretations of rock songs, like “Bittersweet Symphony” and “Viva la Vida”—and the choir has grown in size. Since their version of “Creep” was featured in The Social Network trailer, Scala & Kolacny Brothers (above, covering “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”) have gained more attention, and now they’re coming our way, to play Webster Hall on Thursday, 4/28. In the meantime, check out their widget to hear unique takes on “Use Somebody” and “With or Without You,” plus a whole lot more.