Black Lips Come to Town

April 8th, 2011

Four teenagers, singer-guitarist Cole Alexander, drummer Joe Bradley, guitarist Ben Eberbaugh and bassist Jared Swilley, bonded over a love of garage punk and formed a band, Black Lips, in the Atlanta suburbs more than 10 years ago. Their first couple of singles gained them some attention and their antics, both onstage and off, got them banned from several local venues. But the band persevered, getting past their shenanigans and lineup changes, including the death of Eberbaugh, who was killed by a drunk driver. Black Lips (above, playing “Bad Kids” for Baeble Music) went on to put out five well-regarded albums, including 2009’s 200 Million Thousand, which has led to many relishing the release of the group’s next LP, Arabia Mountain, out in June. But perhaps you can preview some of their new tunes next Tuesday at Webster Hall.