My Chemical Romance Spends the Weekend at Terminal 5

April 25th, 2011

My Chemical Romance – Terminal 5 – April 23, 2011

My Chemical Romance - Terminal 5 - April 23, 2011
In the middle of his band’s set, My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way yelled—as much as he asked—to the Terminal 5 crowd: “Are you ready to dance?” It’s easy to imagine a scenario as little as five years ago where this question would have gotten him laughed off the stage by even his most die-hard fans, but on Saturday night it served as an indicator of how much My Chemical Romance has grown in that time. Instead of filling their set solely with the catchy yet aggressive material from their formative albums, those tracks were sprinkled throughout, but surrounded by a newer, more arena-tailored sound.

Nothing made this change more obvious than when Way gave a shout-out to Liza Minnelli for having sung on their song “Mama,” while Minnelli watched from the second floor of the venue. What’s most amazing about the band’s evolution is how dedicated the fans have remained. On Saturday night, if you weren’t jumping around during every song you were in the minority, as the biggest hits from The Black Parade and Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys kept an electric current flowing through the crowd. Knowing that many dedicated fans were at both shows of the two-night run, the band swapped in different songs like “Hang ’em High” and “Teenagers,” instead of “Give ’em Hell, Kid” from Friday. —Sean O’Kane

Photos courtesy of Mina K