A Cult That’s Safe to Join

May 26th, 2011

Craig Minowa was earning a degree in environmental science and working various jobs when he decided to form Cloud Cult as a solo project in Minneapolis in the mid-’90s. His first album was The Shade Project, but realizing he’d need some help if he wanted to play the music live, Minowa sought out other musicians. Another album followed, but after the birth of his son, Minowa spent a considerable amount of time with his family on their organic farm. But then tragedy struck and his son died at the age of two. The singer-songwriter went into seclusion, writing songs to deal with his considerable loss, and the band’s been extremely prolific ever since, putting out nine albums since the start of the new millennium. The most recent of which, Light Chasers, came out in 2010. Over the years the eight-member Cloud Cult (above, playing “Unexplainable Stories” on KEXP FM) has put on some wild shows complete with live paintings and performance artists, and they’ll do it again tomorrow night at Music Hall of Williamsburg.