An Anniversary Party

June 6th, 2011

Jimmy Eat World – The Wellmont Theatre – June 4, 2011

Sometimes even the bands that have been around for years can still surprise their fans. On Saturday night, Jimmy Eat World did just that. “This is the 10-year anniversary of Bleed American, so we’re just gonna go ahead and play that for you now,” said lead singer Jim Adkins two songs into the set at The Wellmont Theatre. Since the band made such a big deal when they toured for the 10th anniversary of another one of their widely revered albums, Clarity, this off-the-cuff announcement was a pleasant surprise.

Although the band plays a large amount of Bleed American at most of their shows (it was the album that launched them into the mainstream), the decision to play the whole thing start to finish let the rarely played tracks from the disc, like “If You Don’t, Don’t,” “Cautioners” and “My Sundown,” finally see the light of day. Thousands of twentysomethings, who had probably first seen Jimmy Eat World on MTV when the videos for this album’s singles were all over Total Request Live, screamed along with the cavernous Wellmont Theatre amplifying their collective voice and adding a little something special to the performance.

After leaving the stage upon completing the eleven tracks, Jimmy Eat World swiftly returned as Adkins said, “Of course we’re going to play more!” Having already played encore mainstays like “The Middle” and “Sweetness,” the band was able to close out the show with a healthy mix of songs from four of their five other albums, including last year’s Invented. —Sean O’Kane

Photos courtesy of Brian C. Reilly |