Celebrate World Music on Sunday Night

June 10th, 2011

One good thing about music is that it can unite people across the globe. Of course with the Internet in our everyday lives, the size of the world no longer seems so daunting. And just as Bob Marley brought local music from his country to the rest of the planet, Omar Souleyman, a dabke musician from Syria who grew up near the Syria-Iraq border, is doing the same. He began recording music in 1994 and there have been hundreds of studio and live albums released under his name. He’s gained more attention in this country since an American label put out three of his discs. His music is a little faster, rougher and on the more techno end of dabke, and the best way for you to experience it is when Omar Souleyman (above, performing “Haram (I Signal, You Deny”) plays Music Hall of Williamsburg on Sunday.