Yeasayer Closes Tour with a Dance Party

June 20th, 2011

Yeasayer – Terminal 5 – June 18, 2011

Even though outdoor festivals become a main focus for concertgoers this time of year, local boys Yeasayer did their best to have big fun indoors on Saturday night at Terminal 5, and they succeeded. By the end of their set, the sweaty, cheering dance party they sparked could have easily been at home in one of the music tents at Bonnaroo.

Enveloped in fog that changed with the pulsing colors of their lights onstage, Yeasayer followed lively sets from Hush Hush and Smith Westerns with an expert one of their own. Throughout the show, singer Chris Keating was humble (“We should be playing the Cake Shop”), funny (“Thanks for coming to North Hells Kitchen”) and grateful that the home crowd was out in full force for the last show of the Odd Blood tour.

Keating was also adaptable: After one of his keyboards failed (and then went missing, presumably offstage to be fixed), he literally threw away the set list—and into the crowd, his hand forced by having to rely more heavily on guitarist-vocalist Anand Wilder to provide most of the band’s melodies. To keep up the tempo, Yeasayer switched to older material, like “Wait for the Summer” and “Sunrise,” a decision the loudly cheered by the crowd. “We’ve played, like, 200 shows this year and we’ve beat the shit out of our stuff,” Keating said with a laugh as he set down his cup. “Now I have a place for my drink to go.” —Sean O’Kane

Photos courtesy of Sean O’Kane |