A Band to Watch

June 23rd, 2011

Matthew and the Atlas – Mercury Lounge – June 22, 2011

Most people probably aren’t yet familiar with the UK’s Matthew and the Atlas, but fresh off a tour opening for Mumford & Sons across the US, this five-piece band is bound for wider recognition. And just like with their more well-known tour mates, there is something uplifting and quietly anthemic about their music. Soaring four-part harmonies, catchy banjo riffs and an accordion make up the music on their two EPs.

Last night at Mercury Lounge, “Kingdom of Your Own” and “Waves” were early favorites, gearing up the crowd for the folk stompers to come. Lead singer Matt Hegarty’s voice was powerful and passionate, another incredibly distinct male vocal out there. And when joined by Lindsay West’s vocals, it’s clear this band doesn’t want to cut any corners: At all times they were in perfect harmony. “I Will Remain,” with it’s thumping, steady bass drum, was the standout track, and it’s clear that as more people become familiar with this group, remain they will. —Lauren Glucksman