They Were Gone, but Now They’re Back

June 27th, 2011

Archers of Loaf – Music Hall of Williamsburg – June 25, 2011

“The greatest of all time,” yelled someone as Archers of Loaf took the stage. The crowd was ready, and it’s rare you see one this pumped for a band. Red Stripes were in place and juice was flowing to the amps. Fast forward to nearly the end of the night: The band left the stage after three encores. But the crowd’s so fired up that Archers of Loaf returned for another go-round, mentioning that they’re finally going to get around to the requests. “Chumming the [Fucking] Ocean!” screams out someone. “That’s a much better title,” replied Eric Bachmann. But Matt Gentling, who was having more fun that just about anybody the entire night, disagreed. “Don’t glorify it,” he interjected. “It’s just ‘Chumming the Ocean.’

Then someone else called out for a different song, and Gentling responded in jest: “You guys are wasting your good intelligence on remembering this shit.” The band then lit into “Smoking Pot in the Hot City” followed by “Bacteria,” during which a guy in the audience jumped onstage. He thrashed for a second before waltzing over to the stage-left stairs. The band paused for the song, the guy paused for the band and Bachmann had a good laugh before the Archers of Loaf played their last notes of the night. —JC McIlwaine

Photos courtesy of JC McIlwaine |