Start Your Three-Day Weekend with Cro-Mags

June 29th, 2011

Just like when chocolate and peanut butter got to together to form something delicious, the guys in Cro-Mags knew they were on to something when they first combined hardcore punk and thrash metal. The immediate result was their seminal debut album, The Age of Quarrel, released in 1986. The band’s follow-up, also highly influential, Best Wishes, came out three years later. But unlike additive-riddled mass-produced chocolate confections, this band didn’t have an extended shelf life. And so after just two more albums, they disbanded. But some stories have a happy ending, as this one proves because Cro-Mags (above, playing “We Gotta Know”) reformed in 2000 and put out a fifth disc, Revenge. The band has toured since then, and they headline The Bowery Ballroom on Friday night. So get your three-day weekend started with some loud music!