A Dance Party at Terminal 5

June 30th, 2011

Matt & Kim – Terminal 5 – June 29, 2011

Two songs into their set, Matt Johnson of Matt & Kim told the Terminal 5 audience that the band’s current tour has been the “best tour of our lives” and followed that with “so this could be our best show ever.” That statement would have seemed overzealous had the Brooklyn-based duo not already had the crowd of 3,000 in the palms of their hands. Matt & Kim mixed heavy crowd interaction (from balloons being thrown into the audience to drummer Kim Schifino telling “every guy to take their fucking shirt off!”) with a dance party (they played/sampled hip-hop songs throughout the show and even had Autobot from Flosstradamus DJ in between sets).

Matt & Kim even read out their phone number to the packed venue so they could hear all about the show directly from the fans. The twosome grinned their way through nearly every two-to-three-minute dance-punk song in their bag—music made for a venue that lets the fans get just as loud when they try. Add to that the joy embedded in these shows when longtime local bands finally get to play the big stages and you have a pretty good cocktail, much like the one Schifino tried to market to the crowd: “It’s one part red wine, the cheaper the better, and one part Red Bull. That’s it!” Only Johnson knows whether the show lived up to his own mid-set hype. But one thing’s for sure, these two know how to throw a party. —Sean O’Kane

Photos courtesy of Sean O’Kane |