A Sold-Out Crowd Savors WU LYF

July 25th, 2011

WU LYF – Mercury Lounge – July 22, 2011

On Friday night, Mercury Lounge’s vibe was transformed from that of a music venue into a creepy and chilling atmosphere. It began with the sound of howling as WU LYF (World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation) crept onstage. A church-like organ sounded, then the drums set in, signifying the start of a truly surreal and awesome experience. The group—Ellery Roberts (vocals-keys), Evans Kati (guitar), Tom McClung (bass) and Joe Manning (drums)—is known for its anonymity. That’s because its four members are concerned with the art of their music, not the hype involved with the industry, and that art was on display throughout the show.

Roberts’ voice is uniquely raspy, and an oddly disturbing yet somehow peaceful clash is created when paired with Manning’s almost tribal drumming, Kati’s fluttering of guitar, McClung’s steady bass and the floating of the keys. This music transcends time and space and makes you wonder if you are lost in a dream. There are so many switch ups within one song: For instance, “Such a Sad Puppy Dog” begins with the dramatic usage of pipe keys and then consciously adds each layer of instrument and voice until a full, heart-wrenching sound has been manipulated. The percussion in “Dirt” was out-of-this-world good and the meshing of notes produced a raw feel.

It was evident that every song WU LYF played came from a deep and honest place. Joked Roberts, “Fuck the intro, the intro’s shit,” before diving into the last song of the night, the upbeat “We Bros.” While this show was sold out, the audience took it all in, remaining quiet during each song. The silence reminded me of how no one speaks during a ridiculously delicious meal because everyone is too busy savoring each morsel. —Kristen Ferreira