Bustle in Your Hedgerow Plays Two

August 12th, 2011

Bustle in Your Hedgerow – Brooklyn Bowl – August 11, 2011

Bustle in Your Hedgerow returned to the stage for one of their now-regular gigs, digging through the inexhaustible Led Zeppelin catalog. Operating on the simple premise that everyone loves Zeppelin, it was two sets of party time at Brooklyn Bowl last night. The NYC supergroup, consisting of Joe Russo on drums, Marco Benevento on keyboards, Dave Dreiwitz on bass and Scott Metzger on guitar, has made the tried-and-true songbook their own, playing each number, from “The Ocean” to “Fool in the Rain,” like it was originally conceived as an instrumental masterpiece. Despite the once-or-twice-a-year existence of the band, apparently jamming on Led Zeppelin tunes is like riding a bike, because they were making it look easy, smiles on their faces, occasional bouts of giggles as they took nearly every song on a fist-pumping, ass-shaking deep-jam expedition.

For the most part, the band delved into each voyage as a complete unit with their rare talent of anticipation and cooperation. Still, each of the principals got his chance to shine individually. Metzger went there with a “Heartbreaker” breakdown, charting new scintillating “Jimmy Page would have to approve” territory. Russo, explosive all night, went sticks-free Bonham style for his carpet bomb “Moby Dick” solo. And perhaps the jaw-dropping moment of the night went to Benevento, who went into a trance with an intergalactic Rhodes solo in the middle of “No Quarter” that surely had those in attendance searching the deepest recesses of their minds.

Because with Led Zeppelin, it’s either “go big or go home,” the drop cloth on stage was removed for the encore revealing a second drum kit, which Russo took over to make room for Brooklyn Bowl’s king of Thursday nights, ?uestlove. This was like pouring chili and cheese on an already pretty damn tasty basket of French fries as things got boogie-down delicious for the last two songs, making me wonder why I hadn’t noticed the irresistible disco grooves buried in Zeppelin’s repertoire. It was so much fun, everyone in the crowd was no doubt left wishing they could do it all over again. Luckily for them (and you) they can: Bustle in Your Hedgerow returns to Brooklyn Bowl for two more sets tonight. —A. Stein

Photos courtesy of Greg Notch |