The Wave Pictures Play the Late Show on Wednesday

August 15th, 2011

Jonny Helm (drums), Franic Rozycki (bass) and David Tattersall (vocals and guitar) have been playing together as the Wave Pictures for more than a decade. While it’s often mentioned that the trio has been influenced by Morrissey and the Smiths, Tattersall claims the band’s influences are mainly American, like Bob Dylan, Lou Reed and Jonathan Richmond—and that while rehearsing they’ll say, “Let’s try and play like Neil Young and Crazy Horse.” Of course, the Wave Pictures (above, playing “Susan Rode the Cyclone” for the Spanish TV show Los Conciertos de Radio 3) are also known for witty, wry lyrics, which are again on display throughout their newest album, Beer in the Breakers. And you can expect to hear plenty of it at the late show on Wednesday at Mercury Lounge.