Catch the Business on Friday Night

August 31st, 2011

In Cockney English the word Oi! means hello, but in music it applies to those late-’70s punk bands that were harder than the more commercialized version that came before them and more anthemic than the hardcore rendition that followed. The Business, formed in South London in 1979, were one of the pioneers of the Oi! movement, putting out anthems, starting with their debut single, “Harry May.” The original lineup changed in 1981 and would do so again as the group played off and on during the ’80s. But the Business (above, doing “Smash the Discos” at CBGB) came back as strong as ever in 1994 with a new album and their first-ever shows in America. Since then, more LPs have followed, including last year’s Doing the Business. And you can see these Oi! originals on Friday night at Mercury Lounge.