Don’t Miss Weekend This Weekend

September 2nd, 2011

Singer-bassist Shaun Durkan, guitarist Kevin Johnson and drummer Abe Pedroza were all in punk and hardcore bands in the Bay Area—but none of them wanted to be pigeonholed to just one kind of music. They were inclined to do something different, something broader. So two years ago they formed Weekend and have since put out a couple of EPs and an LP combining abrasive and melodic sounds. Or as Durkan has put it: “I think the idea was to balance the aggression of punk with atmosphere, texture and a little bit more of a cerebral experience.” The full-length, last year’s Sports, earned rave reviews and, despite it not actually being about athletics, got a shout-out from Sports Illustrated. The lo-fi shoegaze trio (above, performing “Cobra Summer” at Mercury Lounge earlier this year) has since been on the road, so don’t miss Weekend when they play Mercury Lounge on Sunday night.