A Wild Fourth Anniversary Party for Music Hall of Williamsburg

September 7th, 2011

Les Savy Fav – Music Hall of Williamsburg – September 6, 2011

Last night Music Hall of Williamsburg celebrated its fourth anniversary in true wild style with the great punk-rock chaos of Les Savy Fav. The show was completely nuts and awesome but before delving into the complete craziness of it all, let’s begin by saying that the band can play. The group is known for lead singer Tim Harrington’s presence but it should also be known that he is backed by some talented fellas, with Seth Jabour and Andrew Reuland rocking on the guitars, Syd Butler holding down the bass and Harrison Hayes keeping rhythm on the drums. These dudes produced the perfect backdrop to Harrington’s uninhibited self. The guitars melodically floated and fluttered, meshing flawlessly with the cool bass and pounding drums.

Harrington appeared onstage sporting a crazy mask, KISS-esque hair and a black cape before the mask was suddenly replaced with a glittery cloth and sunglasses. He wildly thrashed around as they played “Appetites” off the 2010 album, Root for Ruin. Then Harrington disappeared into the audience for the first of many times. And just as suddenly, he was back onstage, doing crazy back-bend dance moves and crushing a Tecate. Les Savy Fav did songs like “Patty Lee” and “The Equestrian” from 2007’s Let’s Stay Friends and “Yawn Yawn Yawn” from 2004’s Inches. Each tune without fail was accompanied by a “Whoa, did that just happen?” moment from Harrington.

The encore is where things got quite Nutter Butters. During the ever-catchy “The Sweat Descends,” Harrington rocked a colorful costume resembling party streamers and a hat the Pope would find delightful while holding a bottle of tequila and a bathroom plunger. He doused the tequila holy-water style onto the audience and smeared an unknown white substance onto the faces in the front row before stripping down to his underwear and joining in the sea of people. A ladder appeared out of nowhere and he climbed to its top, trusting his fans not to drop it. It was a true party. You never know what to expect from these guys. —Kristen Ferreira