Ghostland Observatory on a Saturday Night

September 15th, 2011

In the middle of one of Terminal 5’s busiest months of the year is a unique, can’t-miss show when Ghostland Observatory plays the venue on Saturday. And if the duo even puts on half the performance they did the last time they came through, ticket holders would still leave beyond satisfied. The Austin, Texas, band could be easily (and mistakenly) lumped into the explosion of the teen rave/Dubstep scene, but theirs is a performance you’re actually going to want to remember. Aaron Behrens will play the wild, microphone-wielding, stage-roaming yin to the focused and purposeful yang of synth player and percussionist Thomas Ross, a dynamic so fun it will make you wonder why bands ever bother trotting out more than two people. Expect a heavy dose of offerings from their most recent releases, Robotique Majestique (like “Glitter,” above) and Codename: Rondo, but the music is just the start of things. Whatever space isn’t filled with dancing fans will be packed with smoke, setting the background for an enormously impressive laser show. So strap on your cape, dig up your oversize sunglasses and prepare yourself for one hell of a party. —Sean O’Kane