Caveman Sells Out

September 16th, 2011

Caveman – Mercury Lounge – September 15, 2011

(Photo: Kate Edwards

A fan, brimming with excitement, approached me right before Caveman began last night at Mercury Lounge. “Have you heard these guys before? They are dynamite! Dynamite! Nice guys too. Dynamite!” The word dynamite was used a lot and I’ve got to say, he was onto something. Caveman has only been around for a short while, having been formed in early 2010, but these guys have got it going on.

The group, Matthew Iwanusa, Jimmy Carbonetti, Stefan Marolachakis Sam Hopkins and Jeff Berrall, appeared as dark silhouettes against awesome projected art, producing a trippy, hallucinatory feel. The quintet dazed the audience by playing the entirety of their just-released debut album, Coco. Soothing harmonies created a moody lullaby affect. And when accompanied by spaced-out guitars and the methodic rhythm of a whole lot of drumming, the sound transformed into a dreamlike state—not a scary dream, but a rather good one.

That tranquilizing sound was apparent in “December 28th,” which began as a flutter of keys. Quietly, delicate harmonies and meditative drumming were added as if not to disturb. And the result was effortless and airy as if floating through space. The vocals in “Great Life” were as sweet and intricate as the instruments, while the guitars and drumming in “Easy Water” were slightly more frantic, creating an edge to the otherwise serene melody. However, although “Vampirer” contained a touch of darkness with the use of synths and a more sinister sounding guitar, it still flowed. And throughout the sold-out show, the attentive audience was respectfully quiet during songs but came alive as the last notes of each tune ended. Dynamite! —Kristen Ferreira