Movin’ on Up

October 5th, 2011

The Horrors – Webster Hall – October 4, 2011

Having previously treated fans to an intimate summer show in the Studio, the Horrors moved things upstairs to the big stage last night at Webster Hall. The group covered their full catalog with their third studio album, Skying, setting the barometer for the night and flooding the set with singles like “I Can See Through You” and “Still Life.” Still, the London shoegaze rockers didn’t forget earlier tracks, keeping their 12-song set intact with flashes from Strange House and Primary Colours.

With mostly magenta lights spilling on the audience and a splattering of psychedelic imagery flickering on the screen behind, singer Faris Badwan shared few words with the crowd, although he did offer an unintentional “Thank you very much” Elvis impersonation. Front and center, Joshua Third continuously stroked his guitar, bringing things back with the opening ring of Primary’s “Scarlet Fields.”

Motioning toward the new, more shoegazing tracks, Skying still draws the Horrors away from campy goth and more toward Simple Minds and Echo & the Bunnymen—and it fits. Standing in a Joey Ramone stance, Badwan, who earlier in the night was seen running out to grab some food before the show, led the darkly troops along, leaving a lasting post-punk vibe, reflective of their Skying graduation, and appropriately closed with a gushing 10-plus-minute “Moving Further Away.” —Tina Benitez