A Long Time Coming

October 27th, 2011

Lights Resolve – Music Hall of Williamsburg – October 26, 2011

An absurd amount of things could be said about the long road Lights Resolve have taken to finally release their debut full-length album, Feel You’re Different, but what stands out most is the way this band rocks live. Whether it’s during a jaw-dropping thrasher of a breakdown in their louder songs or the echo-y atmospheric guitar in their moodier tracks, Lights Resolve always puts stage presence and energy on the same level with the music, a muscle they were forced to strengthen throughout the years as they schlepped through the scene as a trio.

The tours they’ve been on, the fans they’ve met, the music they’ve created—each of these is part of the story of this album that came to a conclusion last night, as Lights Resolve celebrated the release with hometown fans and curious New York City concertgoers. But this wasn’t just a show like the countless others they’ve played, as early in the set a fourth member emerged to help lighten the guitar load that has always rested solely on lead singer Matt Reich. The addition spread out things sonically, letting Reich rip away even more as the lead on each track. And when a keyboard was set up later in the set, half of the crowd didn’t know how to react.

Reich explained that some of the songs on the new album were conceived this way, so he and bassist Luke Daniels traded their guitar and bass for keys and a violin, a nice touch for songs like “Hurt a Little.” Before long, however, it was back to the original trio of Reich, Daniels and drummer Neal Saini. They returned to business and even dug out “This Could Be The Last Time,” a song that dates to the beginning of the band. By then the different groups in the crowd had swirled together and compressed near the stage, giving Reich the perfect platform to conduct the “whoa-oh-oh’s” of one thing that will never change: the set-closing “Another Five Days.” —Sean O’Kane

Photos courtesy of Sean O’Kane |