An Important Band Returns

November 4th, 2011

Before there were any distorted-guitar alternative bands in the ’90s—Nirvana included (Kurt Cobain was a notable fan)—there was a post-hardcore noise-rock quintet out of Austin, Texas, called Scratch Acid. Steve Anderson (vocals), Brett Bradford (guitar), David Wm. Sims (guitar), Rey Washam (drums) and David Yow (bass) began playing together in 1982. But something about the lineup was off, so Anderson left the band, Yow became the singer and Sims took over bass duties. Scratch Acid’s self-titled debut EP came out in 1984. The group put out two more albums over the next three years and then broke up in 1987. (Another disc, The Greatest Gift, a compilation album was released in 1991.) Eventually the four members went their separate ways and worked with other bands, including Ministry and the Jesus Lizard. And that would’ve been the end, but the group was invited to be a part of Touch and Go Records’ 25th anniversary and ended up playing several reunion shows in 2006. And that would’ve been the end, but when Jeff Mangum, who’s made a recent comeback of his own, was ask to curate a UK festival, he invited Scratch Acid. Not wanting to just play one show, the band (above, playing “She Said” in 2006) decided to tour across North America, and you can see them on Monday night at Webster Hall.