Two Bands to See on Saturday Night

November 16th, 2011

Four guys in Sacramento, Calif., met one another and began trading songs they’d recorded on their own. They had a lot in common and decided to perform together—like a gang of aliens, or Ganglians. The four-piece deftly mashes together noise rock and blissful tones and has already released two albums, including this year’s Still Living. Check them out, above, playing “Lost Words.”

Samantha Urbani had never been in a band, but she’d always been writing songs with a dreamy dance vibe. So one day she gathered four other multi-instrumentalists just to jam and less than a week later they played their first show. The band, Friends (below, doing “Friend Crush”), began to steadily appear at different Bushwick venues and now they—and Ganglians—play the late show at Mercury Lounge on Saturday night.