The Cap Is Back!

December 22nd, 2011

A venue with a vivid rock past will breathe new life beginning in the middle of next year, as music entrepreneur Peter Shapiro reopens the historic Capitol Theatre in Port Chester, N.Y. “The Capitol Theatre is a rock and roll icon and we are going to treat her as such,” he says. “We are going to spoil her and give her the best of everything—the best sound, the best lights and the best video projection technology of any theater anywhere. Our plan is to turn the knob to 11 in every way possible.”

The Cap once hosted the likes of David Bowie, Derek and the Dominos, the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones. And with The Bowery Presents booking it, the place will soon rock again. And don’t think just because it’s in the suburbs that the Capitol Theatre is far away. The theater, 22 miles from NYC, is one block from the Port Chester Metro North train station, which is just a 36-minute ride from Grand Central. And we’ll see you there soon enough!