Don’t Miss Mission of Burma Tonight

January 19th, 2012

Mission of Burma began in Boston in 1979 when a group Clint Conley (bass) and Roger Miller (guitar) had been in disbanded. So they started practicing together, and soon after adding Peter Prescott (drums) the trio played its first show. Weeks later Martin Swope (tape manipulations and sound engineer), who had previously worked with Miller, filled out the band’s roster. Mission of Burma became known for solid songwriting, a unique punk-tinged sound and extremely loud live shows. The quartet’s first album, Vs., came out in 1982, and with the positive reviews it seemed like nothing could stop the band. But alas those loud shows paid a toll: Miller developed tinnitus, and after one more tour, Mission of Burma broke up in 1983. Despite only lasting four years, the band went on to deeply influence others for decades. And that would have been where this story ends, but, seemingly out of nowhere, Mission of Burma reunited in 2002—with Bob Weston replacing Swope—and went on to release several more albums (including 2009’s well-received The Sound the Speed the Light). Find out for yourself why this band has been so influential tonight at Music Hall of Williamsburg.