A Spotlight on Five Frontmen

January 23rd, 2012

Where’s the Band? – Music Hall of Williamsburg – January 21, 2012

Lately the alternative scene has become saturated with megatours crammed with enough acts to ensure ticket sales, a trend that’s become as tiresome as the now-obligatory album-anniversary tour. Luckily the Where’s the Band? tour has mixed up the idea a bit, putting the spotlight on some of the scene’s best frontmen and their guitars. Led by the Get Up KidsMatt Pryor, Saves the Day’s Chris Conley and Bayside’s Anthony Raneri, the acoustic tour hit the velvet-backed stage of Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday night.

Under-the-radar scene vet Evan Weiss (the man behind Into It. Over It.) set the pace early when he opened the show balancing personal lyrics over pop-punk strumming. By cheering Weiss’s song selections and standing silently as he told heartbreaking stories behind a few of them, it was clear those in attendance got the idea behind the tour. Weiss turned over things to longtime pal Ace Enders, who, like Pryor and Raneri, was showcasing new material—in addition to doing such songs from his days leading the Early November as “Ever So Sweet” and “Baby Blue.”

Conley then swapped spots with Enders to do an all-requests set that unearthed gems like 1998’s “Hold,” and of course, “At Your Funeral.” Pryor’s following set proved he’s ready to continue his busy streak from the past few years (solo albums, Get Up Kids’ reunion tours and albums) into 2012, as he featured songs from May Day, to be released later this month. While each act earned big cheers from different sections of the crowd, Long Islander Raneri, who also offered songs from his new release, the EP New Cathedrals, earned the biggest reaction from the entire room. —Sean O’Kane

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