See the Reunited Del Fuegos Tomorrow Night

February 22nd, 2012

Back in the ’80s the garage-rock quartet the Del Fuegos won over critics and gained a local following first in Boston and then throughout the Northeast, thanks in part to appearing in a beer commercial. The original lineup—singer-guitarist Dan Zanes, guitarist Warren Zanes, bassist Tom Lloyd and drummer Steve Morrell—didn’t stay together too long. By the time their first album, The Longest Day, came out, Morrell had left and been replaced by Woody Giessman. When the group’s third LP, Stand Up, didn’t fare well commercially or critically, Warren Zanes and then Giessman next left the band. There was just one more album and that was it. As Dan Zanes said, “The ’80s were over, we were over.” And each guy went his own way. Most notably, Dan became the frontman of Dan Zanes and Friends, delighting children everywhere. And that’s where this tale would end if they hadn’t reunited last summer—for the first time in 21 years—to raise money for a charity. It went so well that the Del Fuegos (above, playing “I Still Want You”) are out on the road. See them tomorrow night at The Bowery Ballroom.