An Entertaining Sunday Night

February 27th, 2012

YACHT – Music Hall of Williamsburg – February 26, 2012

(Photo: Dan Rickershauser)

“It’s not a place you go, it’s a place that comes for you/ It’s not about who you know, or who is in your heart/ It may come as a surprise, but you are not alone/ All that you have, is not what you own.” Those are the closing refrains of YACHT’s “The Afterlife.” Imagine these sobering contemplations of life after death being sung to a dance mob by a short blonde-haired woman (Claire L. Evans) in an all-white jumpsuit over a Krautrock beat and you have a slight glimpse of the bizarro spectacle that is YACHT’s live show.

YACHT is a music project headed by Evans and Jona Bechtolt. The show’s openers, musicians Rob “Bobby Birdman” Kieswetter and Jeffrey “Jerusalem” Brodsky, referred to collectively as the Straight Gaze, joined the two onstage last night at Music Hall of Williamsburg. Together as YACHT and the Straight Gaze, they entertained a sold-out and ready-to-dance crowd. It was the group’s latest stop on a long series of tour dates promoting their new release, Shangri-La. The show also involved a semi-elaborate PowerPoint presentation describing who the band was and where they were from (Portland, Ore., Marfa, Texas, and Los Angeles), where they were currently (Brooklyn), which they referred to as a “temporary autonomous zone,” a brief question-and-answer session with the audience and a moment to explain the band’s belief in extraterrestrial life.

But none of this detracted too much from the music—danceable electro-pop delivered with a punk-rock attitude. Seen live, it makes perfect sense that YACHT’s signed to DFA Records, a label founded by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, who helped pioneer the dance-punk revolution with his own music. YACHT closed the set by inviting everyone next door to Public Assembly for their DJ sets and dancing “until the wee hours of the morning.” Judging how quickly people filed out of Music Hall, they likely had most of the crowd sold for more. —Dan Rickershauser