Matt Nathanson Plays The Wellmont Theatre Tomorrow Night

March 1st, 2012

Matt Nathanson doesn’t like to be pigeonholed to just one thing. Sure, he sings and writes songs, but he also plays the guitar—sometimes acoustic, sometimes electric. He always performs solo, that is when he isn’t doing so with a full band. And when he isn’t playing music, he’s doing comedy. Nevertheless, Nathanson has been recording music since he was in college. In fact, his first album, Please, came out when he was just 20. And in the almost 20 years since then, Nathanson’s music has been featured on a variety of TV shows and he’s released a host of live discs, EPs and LPs. The most recent, Modern Love, came out last June. But Nathanson (above, playing “Modern Love” for 101.9 KINK FM in Portland, Ore.) is still on the road, and you can see him tomorrow night at The Wellmont Theatre.