The Kooks Get Them Bouncing

March 8th, 2012

The Kooks – Terminal 5 – March 7, 2012

With a decade of experience under their belts, the Kooks showed Terminal 5 last night that they’re more than just Britpop. Add that to lead singer Luke Pritchard’s nonstop charm and you had a great setting for some screaming fandemonium. Sure, the band played hits like “Always Where I Need to Be,” with its chorus of “do do’s,” and “Shine On,” both off 2008’s Konk. But instead of speeding through those to get to their newer tracks, they obviously made sure to give those older songs some love.

Pritchard used his acoustic guitar on “She Moves in Her Own Way” to get the crowd bouncing like a British rock club, rather than the normal shove-and-sway mentality we so often adopt at packed shows here in America. The set picked up about halfway through, when Pritchard shimmied along on the riser at the front of the stage during a dizzying version of “If Only,” and then stayed onstage while his bandmates took a break for the swoon-inducing “Seaside.”

When the other members rejoined him, they played a stripped-down, nearly island-jam version of “Tick of Time,” complete with three acoustic guitars and just one drum. The ultimate display of the band’s maturity came right at the end of set, with the heavy, fuzzy rocker “Do You Wanna,” and when they began the encore with the multiple-time signatures and all-out bravado of “Gap.” —Sean O’Kane

Photos courtesy of Joe Papeo |