A Double Dose of Psychedelic Rock on Saturday Night

April 4th, 2012

New York City’s own Psychic Ills (above, playing “That’s Alright” at this year’s SXSW) began making experimental, shoegazing rock as a duo in 2003, before releasing their debut LP, Dins, in 2006. The lineup has changed over the years and their sound has also evolved. The band took an improvisational approach to Mirror Eye, which featured lingering nine- and 10-minute songs. While their third disc, last year’s Hazed Dream, was more “prepared and fleshed out,” according to bassist Elizabeth Hart. “In the past there were jams or things we were working on, and a lot of times they’d get fleshed out live, worked out in a live scenario. And this was like the opposite.”

Seattle trio Night Beats (below, doing “Puppet on a String” for Do512 Lounge Sessions) got started when singer-guitarist Lee Blackwell paired up with drummer James Traeger in 2009. They eventually became a trio with the addition of bassist Tarek Wegner. The group toured as much as they could, with the likes of the Black Angels and Black Lips, honing their psychedelic-, R&B- and soul-tinged sound, which you can hear on last year’s self-titled release or when Psychic Ills and Night Beats play Mercury Lounge on Saturday.