Nite Jewel Comes to The Bowery Ballroom

April 20th, 2012

Ramona Gonzalez grew up in Berkeley, Calif., as the daughter of musically inclined parents. She attended school in L.A., and once there she eventually joined some rock bands and became a multimedia artist. After creating several synth instrumentals for installation art, Gonzalez began concentrating on music, using the name Nite Jewel. Her sound is dreamy dance pop, but it’s done in a decidedly lo-fi manner: She records on an eight-track cassette recorder. Her most recent album, One Second of Love, came out last month, and now Nite Jewel (above, performing “Another Horizon” on the Interface for is winding down her tour. She performs live as a three-piece, and she plays The Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday night.