The Bowery Presents Live Features We Barbarians

April 24th, 2012

David Quon (guitar), Derek VanHeule (bass) and Nathan Warkentin (drums) grew up in Long Beach, Calif., which is where they first began playing music together. And when their previous group disbanded, the trio, now based in Brooklyn, formed We Barbarians—and with their bluesy rock earned some pretty heady comparisons to Arcade Fire and early U2. Last summer the three-piece released the critically acclaimed EP Headspace, and while We Barbarians are gearing up to head to Europe in support of Foster the People, today they are featured on The Bowery Presents Live. See them, above, playing a quieter take on the anthemic “Chambray” and then watch them discuss why, despite the challenges, moving here from Southern California has been a good fit. And make sure you subscribe to The Bowery Presents Live to stay in touch.