Chairlift Plays Webster Hall on Tuesday Night

May 4th, 2012

While in school in Boulder, Colo., Aaron Pfenning and Caroline Polachek just wanted to make some background music for haunted houses. It was a pretty simple idea but the two had a complex sound. They were on to something bigger, so they opted for a change in locale and moved to Williamsburg in 2006. Less than a year later the pair became a trio with the addition of Patrick Wimberly, and Chairlift (above, playing “Amanaemonesia” for WFUV’s put out its first album of space pop, Does You Inspire You, in 2008. Eventually Pfenning left the band when he and Polachek broke up, but Chairlift continued as a synth-pop duo and put out another album, the well-received Something, in January. See them at Webster Hall on Tuesday night.