The Bowery Presents Live Features the Barr Brothers

May 8th, 2012

Andrew (drums and percussion) and Brad (vocals, guitar and keys) Barr, who have been members of the Slip and Surprise Me Mr. Davis, moved to Montreal after one of the brothers fell for a local waitress. Early on, Brad and neighbor Sarah Page (harp) could hear each other playing through the walls and struck up a musical friendship. Then, with the addition of Andres Vial (keys, pump organ and bass), the Barr Brothers were born. The band’s first album, a quality self-titled blend of folk and Americana, came out last year. And today The Bowery Presents Live features the Barr Brothers. Watch them, above, performing “Old Mythologies” and then see them on the roof of a building discuss growing up and how they flesh out songs. And, of course, make sure you subscribe to The Bowery Presents Live for plenty of performances, interviews and live-streamed shows.