Two Nights of Bear in Heaven

May 8th, 2012

Back in 1998, when he was still living in Atlanta, Jon Philpot began making music in a recording studio. A move to Brooklyn a few years later didn’t prevent the singer-songwriter from continuing his project. In fact as more people he knew from Atlanta and its surrounding areas also made the move to Kings County, Philpot had more musicians to record and perform with as Bear in Heaven (above, doing “You Do You” for KEXP FM). Red Bloom of the Boom came first, in 2007, with a prog-rock sound. Beast Rest Forth Mouth, with its psychedelic tendencies and a touch of synths, followed two years later. And now Bear in Heaven returns with the well-received I Love You, It’s Cool, out last month. The band now plays as a trio, with Philipot on vocals, guitar and keys, Joe Stickney on drums and Adam Wills on bass and guitar. And you can see them tonight at The Bowery Ballroom and tomorrow at Music Hall of Williamsburg.