The Bowery Presents Live Features Band of Skulls

May 10th, 2012

The English trio Fleeing New York—Matt Hayward, Russell Marsden and Emma Richardson—began playing shows around London about eight years ago. At first blush, their songs might have come across as just your standard guitar-drums-and- bass fare. But the music was like a restaurant with a straightforward menu comprised of high-quality ingredients. And so what seemed simple was actually a bit more complex. This really began to become obvious following the group’s name change to Band of Skulls (in 2008) and the release of their debut album, Baby Darling Doll Face Honey (in 2009), with its lead single “Light of the Morning,” which later appeared in a Mustang commercial. Cut to this year, and Band of Skulls have put out another top-flight album, Sweet Sour. As the featured band today on The Bowery Presents Live, see them play the album’s title track, above, in a sculptor’s studio in Brooklyn and then watch them talking about letting their experiences into their music. And, of course, make sure you subscribe to The Bowery Presents Live for plenty of performances, interviews and live-streamed shows.