Crystal Fighters Play Music Hall of Williamsburg on Wednesday

May 21st, 2012

Sebastian Pringle (lead vocals and guitar) and Gilbert Vierich (electronics, guitar and percussion) knew each other from way back. Vierich separately met Graham Dickson (guitar and txalaparta), and once Dickson moved to London, the three of them began to make music together, experimenting with different genres, from lo-fi R&B to metal and synth music. But then Laure Stockley (vocals) visited her reclusive grandfather’s Basque country home and discovered an unfinished opera with a section that roughly translates to Crystal Fighters. The opera opened the group to new ideas and the world of Basque folk music. And then with the addition of Mimi Borrelli (vocals) and Andrea Marongiu (drums), Crystal Fighters (above, doing “At Home”) had a new folktronic sound combining Spanish folk instruments with heavy synths, booming bass and drum loops. See them, alongside Is Tropical, on Wednesday at Music Hall of Williamsburg.