Innovative Metal Band Meshuggah Plays Terminal 5 on Wednesday

May 21st, 2012

Singer Jens Kidman and lead guitarist Fredrik Thorendal (and a few others) formed an extreme-metal band in a Swedish college town in 1987. But this wasn’t your typical heavy metal. Instead, it was a mashup of math rock, experimental jazz and thrash metal. In other words, it was crazy, which is exactly what that the band’s name, Meshuggah, means in Yiddish. Since originally forming, the group’s lineup has changed a few times, but Tomas Haake became the drummer in 1990, Mårten Hagström has handled rhythm-guitar duties since 1992 and bassist Dick Lövgren joined in 2004. Meshuggah (above, doing “Perpetual Black Second” from their Alive DVD) popped up on the international radar with the release of Destroy Erase Improve in 1995. But the innovative five-piece’s most commercially successful album is this year’s Koloss. “As always, we try to take our music in a slightly different direction with each album, and with Koloss, we feel that we really nailed what we were going for.” Find out for yourself on Wednesday at Terminal 5.