A Memorable Night

June 5th, 2012

Kopecky Family Band – Mercury Lounge – June 4, 2012

Kopecky Family Band, out of Nashville, traveled north for an enchanting set at Mercury Lounge last night. The six members aren’t actually related but you couldn’t tell from their onstage chemistry and camaraderie. Anchored by the vocals of Gabe Simon and Kelsey Kopecky, the band exuded charming pop sensibilities with good old country rock. The singers met at Belmont University in Nashville and have been making music together for close to five years.

After the rollicking opener, mynameisjohnmichael, Kopecky, in red-hot boots, ascended to the stage with a handful of yellow roses. Complete with claps and snaps, the crowd joined in early as the band merrily played one of its newest tunes, “The Heartbeat Song,” from a forthcoming album due this summer. “Birds,” a song for whistlers, followed. And Kopecky jokingly introduced “Howlin’ at the Moon” as a song about werewolves that didn’t make the Twilight soundtrack.

The Kopecky clan weaved through tracks from their last LP, The Disaster. Going from fan favorite “Animal” to “Lucky,” Kopecky even took a moment to leave the stage as the rest of the Family Band started into the title track, “Disaster,” returning in time for her vocal queue. In a pensively sweet moment, Simon reflected on how much family meant to him and his bandmates. The set wasn’t completely filled with old material. A new track, “Wandering Eyes,” was more rock-tinged than others. And with time running low, Simon distributed the percussion instruments among the audience for “Angry Eyes.” With no possibility of an encore, they ended with “God & Me.” Though short, the Kopecky Family Band certainly made it memorable. —Sharlene Chiu