The Bowery Presents Live Features Delta Spirit

June 12th, 2012

Some bands develop a certain sound early on and rarely stray from it. But that’s not the case with Delta Spirit. The now-based-in-Brooklyn quintet has boldly moved in a new direction, leaving behind gritty roots rock in favor of the bigger, ethereal sounding music that fills arenas. While they once used lo-fi instruments like a trash-can lid to make Americana-tinged music, this year’s self-titled disc, filled with soaring guitars, is more polished, the result of using a broader palette that includes drum machines and samples. As today’s featured band on The Bowery Presents Live, they perform a stripped-down version of the album’s first single, “California.” Also, don’t miss the guys in the group talking about what they would do if they weren’t making music. And make sure you subscribe to The Bowery Presents Live for more videos like this and live-streamed shows, cool performances and intimate interviews.

(Delta Spirit—with Dr. Dog—plays Rumsey Playfield on 9/20.)