Two Nights of Jonathan Richman at The Bowery Ballroom

June 12th, 2012

Singer-songwriter Jonathan Richman took up the guitar at the age of 15 and was playing in public just a year later. He relocated from Boston to New York City in 1969, but his music didn’t get a lot of love, so he headed back north and formed the influential protopunk band the Modern Lovers. Wanting a quieter sound, Richman eventually turned the Modern Lovers into an acoustic group, most notable for their doo-wop sound and the funny lyrics that would remain a hallmark of his later solo work. Richman earned the most attention his career would get thanks to the Farrelly brothers featuring him and his music as a comedic Greek chorus in There’s Something About Mary. And while that flick came out nearly 14 years ago, Richman (above, performing “Because Her Beauty Is Raw and Wild” and “Time Has Been Going by So Fast” at the Henry Miller Memorial Library) still has plenty left to say. See him play The Bowery Ballroom tonight and tomorrow.