The Bowery Presents Live Features the Rosebuds

June 19th, 2012

Breaking up is hard to do, especially when your former love is the only other person in your band. Ivan Howard and Kelly Crisp, the couple behind the Rosebuds, got a divorce as a matter of course, but still managed to remain bandmates. Their marriage dissolved, but the band evolved, thanks to the twosome’s keen storytelling abilities, capably straddling the line between lightness and melancholy. The personal, revealing Loud Planes Fly Low tells the story of their breakup. And, as today’s featured band on The Bowery Presents Live, they do a cool, acoustic take on one of its songs, “Woods,” on the streets of Greenpoint in Brooklyn. And don’t miss them talking about their early musical perspectives, New York City being a fun place to live and not getting too comfortable with an instrument. For more videos like this one, plus live-streamed shows, cool performances and intimate interviews, subscribe to The Bowery Presents Live.