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June 20th, 2012

Walk the Moon – Mercury Lounge – June 19, 2012

On one of the biggest days in their still-short tenure as a buzz band in the indie-rock scene, Walk the Moon came to Mercury Lounge last night to celebrate the debut of their self-titled release on the heels of a Late Show with David Letterman taping earlier in the day. The Ohio dance-rockers filled the venue to its limits for an hour-long set that showcased all the reasons why they’re earning that lusted-after title of the next big thing.

Most of the show was spent belting out tracks from the new album—which is mostly a rerecorded version of their original full-length, I Want! I Want!—as the band started with the staggered vocals of “The Liftaway” and then matched plenty of quick drumming with fluttery keyboard lines during “Quesadilla.” From the beginning of the Panic! at the Disco–tinged “Jenny,” it was clear the face-painted crowd (a staple of the group’s shows) was filled with already dedicated fans, as they screamed out the sing-along part lead singer Nicholas Petricca was trying to teach before he could even finish. The few breaks in the dance party came in the form of “Iscariot,” a slower-paced, vocal-driven track that sounds like it could be a Bon Iver B-side, and “Fixin’,” a newer song that shed some light on where the band’s musical maturation is likely headed.

Before the set finished, the audience went wild for another newer track, “Shiver Shiver,” which cranked up the energy just in time for the infectious song the band owes its sudden rise to, “Anna Sun.” But Walk the Moon didn’t need to prove anything last night: They’ve already showed that they’re more than just one song. And while the group celebrated a major step with their excellent set at Mercury Lounge, from here on out, they’ll be performing in bigger New York City venues. —Sean O’Kane

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