TAB the Band Plays Mercury Lounge

July 6th, 2012

TAB the Band, out of Duxbury, Mass., is a quartet with some serious rock-royalty lineage. Brothers Adrian (vocals and bass) and Tony (guitar) Perry are the sons of Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry, and they play alongside Lou Jannetty (rhythm guitar) and Ben Tileston (drums). With influences like the Beatles, the Stones and the Who, it should come as no surprise that despite only being together since 2006, the four-piece has already put out three LPs and several EPs worth of quality garage rock and power pop. “I mean, we’re always writing, whether we’re on the road or not. So you’re going to generate a lot of songs,” said Adrian. “All the bands we love did that. In the ’60s, you might release two albums a year, you know?” Of course, more often than not, TAB the Band (above, doing “Wrecking Ball” at Lollapalooza) is on the road, having toured with the likes of Stone Temple Pilots, Cage the Elephant, Slash and Dinosaur Jr., and, along with Mail the Horse, Arc in Round, Right on Dynamite and Basement Batman, they play Mercury Lounge tomorrow night.