Scissor Sisters End Tour in Style

July 9th, 2012

Scissor Sisters – Terminal 5 – July 7, 2012

Boasting endless energy, not to mention a healthy dose of innuendo, Scissor Sisters wrapped a two-night stay at Terminal 5 with a powerful Saturday-night set that had the crowd frenziedly dancing on all three floors. As he sang, Jake Shears’ nonstop movement stirred and stoked the fans, while his partner in crime, Ana Matronic, mugged her way through each tune, adding emphasis where Shears’ Whirling Dervish act wouldn’t allow.

Each of the songs’ swirling combination of disco, glam rock and radio pop, offered something different but never strayed too far from the band’s recognizable sound. From the New Wave “Running Out” to Shears and Matronic strutting around the stage during “Keep Your Shoes On”—and even as Scissor Sisters played their first big hit, “Take Your Mama”—the group proved to be more than just garish fun. They mixed in wildly technical guitar solos from Del Marquis and rounded out the rest of their sound with backup singers and multi-instrumentalists Randy Real on drums and Babydaddy on bass. (OK, so maybe there is still a big focus on the garish fun part.)

The fun raged on, including a loudly applauded extended welcome of rapper Frank Ocean “to the club,” some flashy performances matched by flashier graphics on the stage’s backdrop and plenty more audacious performing from the two lead singers, who by the end of the night had Terminal 5 feeling more humid than the July air that the crowd emptied into when the show finally finished. —Sean O’Kane

Photos courtesy of Chris Becker |