Tycho Is Musically and Visually Stimulating

July 16th, 2012

Tycho – Webster Hall – July 14, 2012

Outside Webster Hall on a warm Saturday evening, a slew of creative types (one even donning a I HEART DESIGN T-shirt) lined up for what would be a unique blend of music and design. Having played earlier this year at Music Hall of Williamsburg, this time Tycho hit Manhattan at a larger venue, which nicely lent itself to the atmospheric scope that filled the deepest caverns. Scott Hansen, both musician and graphic designer, provided not only the melodic setting but the visual styling as well.

With the opener, “A Drift,” from last year’s Dive, Zac Brown’s bombastic bass had the room reverberating against images of snow-capped mountains and a Zissou-like expedition crew scaling its apex. During “A Walk,” beach-soaked visuals complete with crashing waves and the cascading locks of one lovely lady transported the audience. Hansen spoke minimally but his genuine amazement by the crowd’s exuberance was clear: “We’ve been to New York, but it’s been nothing like this.” As Tycho produced the perfect chillwave set that would be perfect for a PS1 Warm Up party, concertgoers jumped and swayed along to the beats and beeps of composition.

With the show nearing its end, a chant of “one more song” provoked an encore. Hansen happily obliged, taking the stage solo to play a few songs. One was new, for which he admittedly had just finished the visuals back in the van. Then the audience was sent into euphoria with “Coastal Brake” as the closer. Afterward fans gathered at the merch table for autographs and show posters. And whether they had come for the visuals or the music, everyone left on a high. —Sharlene Chiu