A Celebration of Summer

August 13th, 2012

Real Estate – Webster Hall – August 11, 2012

Here to rescue you from the summer doldrums is the go-to band for evoking the sunny nostalgia of the season’s better intentions. There’s no group better at pumping out sounds reminiscent of all things enjoyable about the warmest months of the year. Just try explaining what Real Estate sound like without using the words beach, surf, chill or vibes. For their show at Webster Hall on Saturday night, even the venue came complete with all the fixings of an impromptu suburban backyard party. The stage was lit with white Christmas lights hanging from garden trellises, the bassist was toting a fifth of Jameson and tables in the VIP sections upstairs labeled REAL ESTATE FAMILY were surrounded by dancing mothers and fathers.

The band hit most of the favorites off their latest release, Days, including “It’s Real,” which came with the subtly hilarious scene of hundreds of people singing along to its chorus chanting, “Oh, it’s real.” Tucked into the middle of their set was a new song that ended in a long and twisting psych-rock guitar jam. Despite the fact that Real Estate sound punchier live than their recordings would suggest the conclusion of this new song is like nothing we’ve ever heard from them previously. Their opener, the eclectic singer-songwriter, living legend and Santa Claus lookalike R. Stevie Moore, came out for the crowd favorite “Beach Comber,” adding his own tambourine part. “Thanks for not leaving,” said ever-mellow lead singer Martin Courtney as the band returned for the encore. Thanks for inviting us over. —Dan Rickershauser

Photos courtesy of Jeremy Ross |