Music Hall of Williamsburg Celebrates with the Rapture

September 7th, 2012

The Rapture – Music Hall of Williamsburg – September 6, 2012

Beneath flashing strobe lights, a sold-out crowd of dancing revelers was on hand for the second of the Rapture’s three nights at Music Hall of Williamsburg, in honor of the venue’s fifth anniversary. And who better to help properly celebrate in joyous, debauched style than the quintessential Brooklyn band, whose now-iconic blend of post-punk, disco and electronic music (punctuated by plenty of cowbell) is an essential part of the neighborhood’s unofficial soundtrack of the past decade?

After getting things started with the slow-building “In the Grace of Your Love” (the title track from their most recent album), the Rapture barely paused to catch their breath— instead ensuring that the sweaty dance party did not stop. As the band ran through favorites like “Never Die Again,” “Pieces of the People We Love,” “The Devil” and “Get Myself Into It” (the first of several songs to feature one of Gabriel Andruzzi’s smooth saxophone solos), the floor grew slippery with spilled beer as frenzied partygoers danced with increased abandon.

The excitement hit a high point during the familiar cowbell intro to “House of Jealous Lovers,” the breakout song that was likely many fans’ introduction to the group’s music years ago. It’s an example of the Rapture’s winning formula: a contagious combination of frontman Luke Jenner’s signature shout/sing/yelp vocal style with the immediacy of Vito Roccoforte’s pulsing drums, topped off with a layer of angular guitar riffs. Although no one wants a good party to come to an end, as the Rapture closed out the show with “How Deep Is Your Love?,” its intensely catchy keyboard loop giving way to a heady disco trance, the consensus in the crowd seemed to be that Music Hall of Williamsburg had chosen the ideal party band for their anniversary celebration. —Alena Kastin

(The Rapture at Music Hall of Williamsburg tonight is sold out.)